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Why the Jeep Wrangler is Still Cool After All These Years

Why is it that the Jeep Wrangler is still fashionable after all these years? The solution is stock is still in an exceedingly combination of 3 factors: Heritage, Believability and Capability.

As we all know everyone loves the look and aggressiveness of Jeep Wranglers, from daily driving to off-roading with friends this vehicle blows away any other stock being. Who wouldn’t want to take their Jeep off-roading and not get stuck for hours? The answer is everyone. In this article I’m going to tell you what modifications you can add onto your Jeep that will prevent you from getting ‘stuck’ in that situation.

Off-roading in a street- legal or purposeful vehicle is nothing new. It has been around for many years and will definitely increase in popularity. Since drive-train technology has created driving on the unbeaten path easier it has made this activity much more fun. However, if you have never gone off the perfect path, how does one grasp what and what not to do?

One of the simplest reasons to drive such an aggressive vehicle is having the ability to drive your vehicle on the most roughest terrain, from the hills to rocky terrains. However, even the most dauntless driver will need to be certain that his or her vehicle is ready before taking the road less traveled. Luckily being able to take your vehicle on other terrain aside from asphalt isn’t a tough or long process if you have the correct tips.

Gaining knowledge on the dimensions of your Jeep is very important, you need to be certain that you have the right off-roading equipment. Modifying your Jeep will make it significantly easier for you to take your vehicle off-road. For instance, if you want to rock climb with your Jeep then the most efficient way to do so would be to add a lift kit to your vehicle, this will help you crawl over rocks without any damage to your frame. It would be a great idea to keep a mechanic’s toolkit with you at all times to fix minor repairs you may encounter while off-roading. In addition, adding skid plates to your vehicle will protect your steering box, and differential as well as the drive-train located on the Jeep’s underside.

Taking a lay of the land is ideal. A mistake that many people make when taking their Jeep off-roading is failing to be aware of their surroundings. If you don’t know the area very well, your best bet is to scout the terrain to ensure that you don’t come across any surprises. Before you drive up a hill, you will want to be certain of what’s on the other side of said hill. You will want to get to the bottom safely, scouting before beginning to drive will ensure safety and a fun time.

If you are going to be taking your vehicle mudding you will need to deflate your tires so you don’t get stuck or get a flat tire. Getting stuck is a complete nightmare, if you’re reading this article i’m sure there’s been a time where you’ve been stuck in your Jeep/UTV/ATV etc… and you had to wait for someone to go find help from another group of people riding to help get you out of the situation you’re in – NOT FUN! Let me offer you a piece of advice. Driving with caution is very important when off-roading, never stop forward motion and definitely do not remove your hands from the wheel. Forward motion is what will keep your vehicle from getting stuck.

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