Traction Bars

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Traction Bars for Trucks

Photo and content courtesy of Diesel Army

Traction bars are a great addition to any diesel truck and are a necessity in high-power trucks. Traction bars are designed to prevent axle wrap and wheel hop.

From the factory, the rear axle is basically floating on springs and shocks, only attached by U-bolts and the driveshaft. Axle wrap can cause major damage because it stresses the leaf springs until they become deformed, bend, or break the driveshaft.

Traction bars are a solid bar on either side of the axle that connects to the frame with heim joints. This allows the suspension to still function properly while preventing axle wrap. Traction bars make sure all the torque is applied to the wheels and helps keep you going straight down the road without slipping.

Without traction bars, you could have multiple part failures all at once in a high-stress situation. Traction bars are a necessity if you intend to race or run a lift kit, especially one with lift blocks. If you plan on doing any boosted launches, you can easily gain enough traction to rotate the axle till the driveshaft, or u-joint snap.

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